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Helping women heal and gain self-awareness, so they can break free & live authentically. 


  • Emotional Resilience

  • Food Freedom

  • Holistic Detoxification 

  • Somatic Awareness

  • Faith-based Healing



What's it like to work with me?

If you’re ready to let go of the chains this world, then you’re ready to dive in and start living a lifestyle that is authentic to you.


Whether you're navigating chronic illness, or simply trying to rebuild your relationship with a healthy lifestyle, some of the things you must be willing to let go of are:


  • Diet culture

  • Fitness fads

  • Career titles

  • Religious “shoulds” and “shoudn’ts” (it's about relationship NOT religion)

  • Self-sabotaging belief systems


Some of things you can expect to gain are:


  • Inner peace

  • Healing from the inside out

  • A dietary variety that serves your body best

  • Movement practices that inspire you and build your confidence

  • A sense of the true beauty that lies within you

  • Confidence in what you believe about yourself and why

  • Identity and value that comes through a relationship with God

  • Clarity and belief that your voice is valuable and your dreams are feasible

  • A sense of boundless freedom

My Background:

  • Master of Arts in Integrative Health

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist

  • Certified Yoga Instructor RYT-200

  • Somatic Movement Practitioner

A Bit About My Story

“God has a plan and His timing is perfect”.  This was a piece of advice I got so tired of hearing in my bogged down, clouded view of a life I had only dreamed of, which was now shattered into a million pieces on the floor.  My health, my career, my relationship, and my faith had all tanked right along with my self-confidence.  I felt lost, depressed, and alone, physical, mentally, and spiritually.  I like to refer to this as the sink hole space.  There’s no way out; you can only look up as more sand falls into your eyes.  At least, this is what I thought…


I began my journey in a strained place with diet and exercise.  I found myself sinking into patterns of emotional and restrictive eating and compulsive exercise.  The burden of living a healthy lifestyle became overwhelming to me.


Then, just as I was ready to "toss hands" on my striving for the ideal "healthy" lifestyle that diet and exercise culture tells us is the only way, I received multiple diagnosis of chronic & autoimmune conditions.  The option to give up on healthy living was no longer an option. Food and movement was now my medicine, and it was my mindset that needed to change.  I knew deep down inside of me, I still believed that God was good amongst the pain, physical illness, and emotional turmoil, and I had to cling to that and claim it, even when I didn’t see it ringing true or “feeling good” in my life at that moment.  The truth is, some of our deepest healing doesn’t feel good.  In fact, it’s kind of awful, painful, and gruesome.  But, nevertheless, I knew I had to cling to what I knew to be the truth and speak it over my life. And when I wasn’t strong enough to do so, I found faithful friends and mentors to speak it over me.  There’s no shame in using somebody else’s voice when you don’t have one, which is of the things I love most about being a coach...being that voice, temporarily, for you.

Eventually though, that voice from within must return.  It must claim what you want and chase after it with all of your heart.  There must be a congruence between your head and your heart, between your body and your mind, and most importantly, your spirit. 


I began to let go of “what I thought I knew”, and throw all expectations out the window.  I began listening to my body and what it needed, and trusting that inner voice to show me what would serve me best.  I let go of “prescribed” diet and exercise regimens, health fads, and cultural “norms”, and pursued a fearless journey to find my own medicine.  And now, I want to help you do the same.  


I’m not here to tell you what your perfect recipe for radiant health and a balanced life is, I’m here to guide you towards a cultivation of confidence so that you can listen to that still small voice and find your custom “prescription”.


All things hold space for balance.  Whether this be the food that we eat, the movement practices we adopt, or the stress management tools that serve you best, it’s all a perfect recipe for what makes up a healthy, vibrant version of you. 


Disease is broken down into dis-ease within the body, and I felt the repercussion of that, as my imbalance manifested physically and mentally within myself.  It was time to get back to a non-judgemental place, where I lived the highest version of myself through the gifts and passions that God instilled into my life, without unhealthy expectation, self-punishment, or self-hatred building up barriers.  


When the walls of expectation, be it through yourself or others around you, fall to the ground, your authentic self can show up and radiate.  We all have a recipe that makes up our authentic self, and I firmly believe that it is as bio-individual as your DNA.  


We live in a world that encourages a “one size fits all” mentality, whether it be in dietary, fitness, stress management, supplementation, career, relationship, or success model, we tend to feel the pressures to “perform” in our life, within the parameters of the cultural norms or social circles we find ourselves in, instead of tuning into the pieces that truly make us whole.  


That being said, girl, it’s time to FIND YOUR VOICE, BREAK THESE BOUNDARIES, and LIVE FREE.  


Does this sound good to you?  Great, me too.  Let’s do this thing.


Xoxo Krista