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     Learn alongside community, as we dive into limbic system/neuropathway repair, freedom within your self talk & a productive ways to optimize emotional digestion through the principles of somatic parts integration work. 


This part of your journey is about full freedom & a renewing of your mind. It’s not about avoiding the parts of you that have pain, it’s about fully understanding & journeying alongside of them. 

What's included?


  •   2 60-90min group calls (bi-weekly), ALL calls will be recorded & made available for replay. 


  • 6 modules of self study course content.


  • Messaging access to Krista & support team.


  • An accountability pod to journey alongside of you.

Is this for me? This membership may be a good fit if you...


  • are seeking emotional regulation tools & a community of likeminded healing humans


  • have unhealed emotional pain


  • often find yourself overwhelmed or numbed out to your emotions


  • feel powerless to your thought life & desire accountability


  • experience chronic fatigue, headaches, pain or other symptoms


  • have already worked in a 1:1 setting, or are not sure if 1:1 is right for you


  • desire to understand your emotional self better


  • desire the confidence to emotionally regulate on your own


  • are interested in learning more about the science of thought


what clients have said
about SPI:

     "Making the decision to work with Krista one-on-one was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have been in therapy on and off for most of my life, since I was about 11 years old. I continued therapy

throughout my teenage and adult years, and never have I had as much success as I have had with Krista. The therapy definitely set me up for our work together, I won't discount any of it; but it's as if the parts therapy was the right next step for my healing process. I have had bottled up emotional trauma for decades, and Krista helped me identify exactly where I hold the trauma, and how to address it."

are you ready for change?

    "Krista creates an atmosphere that is nurturing and safe, and not once have I ever felt judged in any way. She makes it easy to open up. I am forever grateful for the tools she has given me to recognize when a certain part of me is acting out the emotional pain and I am

continuously on a journey to heal these broken parts of myself. You don't need to suffer through your emotional pain, she will help you heal!. I no longer feel the need to use substances to manage (or bury) my pain. I still feel the pain, it won't go away over night, but I feel more well equipped to handle it moving forward in life. Give it a try, I promise your life will change for the better!""

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