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Areas of Expertise

Somatic Parts Integration Work

SPI is an adapted method that Krista uses, which integrates the principles of Parts & Memory Therapy (created by Dr. Jay Noricks, PhD, MFT), the Sedona Method, Emotional Freedom Technique & Somatic Experiencing, in order to bring emotional healing resiliency & freedom to the client.

Bioenergetic DNA Testing

Bioresonance is 95-98% accurate in measuring frequencies and is completely NON-invasive. Bioresonance Technology can connect organs to stressors like: Bacteria, Viruses, Allergies, Fungi & Parasites. Bioresonance Technology is able to treat tissue and organs with healing frequencies and destruct pathogens and microbes with homeopathic frequencies to help rid the body of disease and discomfort.

Integrative Response Testing

Remote Applied Kinesiology is based on Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt's Autonomic Response Testing. IRT is an enhanced form of Applied Kinesiology, or muscle testing, that allows the practitioner to communicate with the patient's autonomic nervous system, in order to determine what and where the major stressors of the body are and what treatments will help to neutralize those stressors.

My Approach

My Approach

Our ultimate goal when working with a client is to help their body to connect back with its innate healing ability by creating a custom healing plan to remove interference & restore optimal function in all bodies. We leverage bioenergetic DNA testing to go beyond what standard labs can show & go deep enough to see the DNA level of the cell. When we know what the root cause of your symptoms are we can accellerate the healing process & get it right the first time. Integrative Response Testing is used to create custom dietary recommendations & a supplement protocol that is customized to your DNA. 

From here, you receive your personalized healing plan & we begin healing the body from the inside out, through therapeutic grade supplementation, bio-individualized nutrition & emotional healing. This is the somatic neuro-emotional work, where we begin by uncovering trauma & wounds that have yet to be healed. The cells listen to your thoughts, and epigenetic has shown us how integral emotional healing is to restoring optimal health in the body.


Our first task, together, is to allow your body to recover, by gently pulling you out of survival mode and back to safety. Many of my clients feel mentally & emotionally scattered, disconnected to their intuition, and are experiencing a feeling of desperation when they come to me. This is because their bodies are in survival mode. We can’t expect our minds to be clear on decision making, stress management, or even daily tasks and relationships, when our autonomic nervous system is simply trying to keep you alive. 

This dysregulation in the nervous system presents itself in a multitude of ways. For some, it looks like unhelpful patterns of self-sabotage, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, a poor relationship with the body, or procrastination, amongst others. For others, we observe the concept of somatic embodiment within the physiology, as manifestation of physical symptoms, such as gut imbalance, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, chronic illness & much more.


As I explain often to my clients, it doesn’t matter as much if the physical or the mental/emotional caused their symptoms. What matters most is that we bring into balance, both the physical & emotional imbalances that have been created by some interruption in the system, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental or chemical. These 5 systems, the physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental & chemical, are where we trace the roots of dysbiosis to. 

Recovering your body from the emotional attachments is done through Somatic Parts Integration work. Together, we can discover what’s hurt you, what needs have gone unmet & how we can remedy your unmet needs in the present moment. You will receive exercises to do in between sessions, in order to regulate the nervous system, and work on Vagal tone and neuroplasticity. The physical imbalances we find are gently course-corrected through therapeutic nutrition, integrative supplementation & herbal remedies. 

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