Girl Talk-What's in Your Feminine Products?

Ladies, let’s talk feminine products.

I know, we all rave over that time of the month, and would rather now discuss the details, but please, read on.  This one’s important!


It’s estimated that a woman will use between 1,100 and 1,600 tampons in her lifetime, and between 5,000 and 15,000 feminine pads.  Go ahead, read that number again.  

The vaginal region is a *highly absorbent* area.  Whatever goes into that region of the body will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream, bypassing any type of “dilution” that takes place during digestion, when absorption occurs through the digestive tract.  That being said, it’s crucial to know *what is being absorbed into your body*. 

Until recently, tampon and pad distributors were not required to list ingredients on their packaging.  Additionally, TSS, commonly known as Toxic Shock Syndrome, was only thought to be caused by leaving a tampon in for too long, or choosing an absorbance that was too high for your needs. 

This is simply not the full story!  There are several ingredients in feminine products that are toxic to your system, and you may want to know more about them!  If so, read on about the three most common toxic ingredients found in feminine products…

  1. BPAs: these are commonly found in the plastic applicators that tampons are made with.  BPAs are significant hormone disruptors, and they are *toxic* to your system.  They have also been shown to be linked to cancer.  Yet, many companies, whether it be in your tampons or your water bottles, they’re still manufacturing products with BPAs in them, and it’s your responsibility to be aware!

  1. RAYON: this chemical is one of the most commonly linked to TSS.  Its purpose is to make your tampon or pad more absorbent, and in turn, makes all of those chemicals more absorbent into your system as well!

  1. NON-ORGANIC COTTON: “why do I need organic cotton for my tampon?”  Well, just as when we eat conventional produce, those plants are exposed to pesticides (RoundUp), and contribute to chronic illness.  Hormone disrupting, heavy metal toxifying, immune system disrupting chemicals that cover your fruits and vegetables, get absorbed into your system.  As mentioned above, the vaginal region is *highly absorbent*, directly into your *blood stream* without dilution.  

So with all of this information, how do we navigate a better option?  Thankfully, there are plenty of femanine products being manufactured now that are clean, nontoxic, and safe.  Some of my favorite brands include:

  • Cora 

  • Lola

  • L Organic

  • Seventh Generation

Remember ladies, to be informed is to be empowered to protect your body and your health.  This applies to many things.  Yes, even our feminine products.  

Pass this post on to another woman in your life and #spreadthehealth!! 



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